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 Schnauzer Heaven

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PostSubject: Schnauzer Heaven   Schnauzer Heaven Clock110Sun Nov 14, 2010 9:43 pm

Hello! My name is Joy Taylor and I have loved schnauzers for years. My story begins about 21 years ago when I first got married. At that time, I had a 3 year old pomeranian that I loved dearly. My dad kept him for me when I was away on my honeymoon but we believe a bobcat got him out of his backyard. I never saw him again. So, my husband and I decided on a schnauzer because of the things we read about them. Their loyalty, intelligence and their fun-loving attitude. Our first one was a male, Sebastian. He was great but not good with children. I regretably had to give him away when we had our first child. Then, a couple years later I got another one. She was Mindy. What a WONDERFUL DOG! I had her for 10 years but she got cancer and I had to have her put down just a few years ago. I didn't think I'd ever have another dog, let alone a schnauzer but there was a lady at work who raised them and she had a teacup that was pregnant. I told her I wanted one of her pups. Well, when it came time for her to give birth, the first pup got stuck and they had to rush her to the vet for an emergency c-section. They saved the momma, Midget, but the pups were lost. She said she was not going to try with her again and was probably going to sell her. I said, "I want her!" She said ok. I bought my little Midget in June of 06 when she was 11 months old. We added our Nikki, our lab mix a couple of years later. She is a year younger than Midget and then we added Livie, our miniature schnauzer a year ago. We inherited her from my Mom who passed away in July 09. As I speak, both my Midget and Livie are curled up on my bed with me. Their personalities are a perfect fit for me. The lab we got for my husband but, she is a doll too! Very Happy
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PostSubject: Schnauzers are great.    Schnauzer Heaven Clock110Sun Nov 14, 2010 11:11 pm

First let me start off by saying Welcome Smile and thank you for sharing this story. I myself own 4 schnauzers and will never own another breed, they are great! I have no children so they are my babies. I would love to see some pics of all your babies if you'd like to upload them to gallery, that would be great! Teacups so cute! I think in the long run to small for me. I have a toy and as it is now i'm scared I will break her and she's 9 lbs. The rest of mine are mini's. Thank you for sharing again and hope to see u more!

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Schnauzer Heaven
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