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 Because Schnauzers rock!

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PostSubject: Because Schnauzers rock!   Because Schnauzers rock! Clock110Mon Aug 08, 2011 4:47 pm

I've wanted a dog all my life. Growing up, my parents weren't willing to have a dog in the house. And at the beginning of my adult life I couldn't have one in the apartments I lived in. So when the hubby and I bought a house and farm in the country, one of the first things out of my mouth was "I need a dog!" I didn't know where to go from there though. So many choices, how could one ever decide? So we started with the biggie, it had to be hypoallergenic with the hubby's allergies. And our old farmhouse is small, so we needed a dog that wouldn't be too big. But yet we wanted a dog with the energy to keep up with us as we're outside nearly all day all summer long. And he needed to be intelligent and willing to please. So after a lot of research I had a tentative list of 3-4 breeds. Then I started talking to a co-worker who owned a mini schnauzer. I had heard about the dog's escapades and funny stories, but never knew his breed. The co-worker was nice enough to let me meet his dog and that was it, I fell in love. About two weeks later I linked up with a breeder online who had puppies that would be looking for homes in about a month. We drove down, met her and the puppies and I fell further in love with the breed. One of the puppies, a black and silver little bundle, stole my heart. Four years later, his name is Merlin, he's spoiled rotten, my constant companion and still holds my heart in his fuzzy little paw. Smile
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Because Schnauzers rock!
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